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Room 379 (Sebastian)

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{Beginning of the play}

I woke up in the morning and already realised, that my mood was spoilt. I needed more sleep; last night was terribly tiring and busy. I had to work in the cafe and went to a party, as I started Uni. Well, never mind that I got pretty drunk and can't remember anything after. I didn't even know how I got home. Sometimes it is pretty good to be drunk, but not today. Damn, I had to go to the University and worse, meet new people. I hate mornings, - was the first thought I had in my brilliantly messy mind.
Got up, went to the bathroom, where I wanted to hang myself, but the wish never came true. There, in between my toothbrush and my Colgate toothpaste, I finally understood that my life just began..
After I took care of my handsome self, I got dressed and went to the kitchen.

>>>> Kitchen


Вы здесь » |London - law, uni, life| » Campus » Room 379 (Sebastian)

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